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These 15 North Jersey dishes will never be taken off the menu

These 15 North Jersey dishes will never be taken off the menu Restaurant Lorena's

By Esther Davidowitz, North Jersey Record

Dishes come and go but some are never ever taken off the menu. Why is that?

Easy: Some dishes are just phenomenally, profoundly, positively delicious. 

**** Excerpt ****

Warm Crepe of Lump Crabmeat and Wild Mushroom at Lorena’s, Maplewood

Chef Humberto Campos's lump crab and mushroom crepe ($21) is a winning gustatory experience, so much so that when Campos once tried to deny his fans, they "started to riot," he said. "I took it off the menu and got phone calls, emails. It's never happening again."

The crepe, introduced New Year's Eve 2005 (they were stuffed with lobster at first)  makes it onto on nine out of 10 tables in Lorena's dining room every night. Diners order it as an appetizer, as a mid-course, even as an entrée. "We'll double the order for a main course," Humberto said.

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